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    The Most Haunted Places In Knoxville

    Halls High School

    Halls High School is associated with the legend of a young girl who was accidentally killed by her boyfriend. The two were supposedly fighting at the top of a flight of stairs when the argument started to get intense; the boyfriend then pushed the young girl, causing her to plummet down the stairs. Her body was bloody and unresponsive so the boyfriend fled, only to return due to guilt to find her body missing. Her body was never found. A year later, the boyfriend’s body was found stabbed to death. His murderer never caught. Since then, numerous paranormal activities have occurred in the same stairwell that hosted this tragic event. It apparently got so frightening that the school bricked off the stairwell, with the only access door kept constantly locked. Even with these precautions, students still say they can hear the sound of a couple fighting behind the door and the sound of a body falling down the stairs.

    Bijou Theatre

    This captivating theater has been in Knoxville since it’s construction in 1801. Since then, it has been the host to many different businesses, including: a hotel, a hospital during the Civil War, and an adult movie house. Given its age, it’s easy to see how these uses might have contributed to the paranormal activity that happens here. Some reported incidents are lights turning on and off by themselves, pictures flipping upside down, strange noises, and eerie chills in certain areas of the theater. It is said that many Civil War victims, prostitutes, and actors haunt this theater.

    Lakeshore Asylum

    In the past, asylums were known for their abusive tendencies. Lakeshore is no exception. The original asylum was burned down in the 1920’s, but the ruins are still visible and many of the buildings are accessible. People who visit the asylum have claimed to hear disembodied screaming and the clanking sound of shackles. Many photographs have been taken of the buildings featuring blurry figures in the windows. Lakeshore is also apparently the home to many underground tunnels where patients who were not permitted to go outside could be walked.

    Bakers Peters Jazz Club

    Built in 1840, Bakers Peters Jazz Club was originally the home of Dr. James Harvey Baker. The Dr. used his home during the Civil War to house wounded Confederate soldiers and his family. The legend of the jazz club started in 1864 while Dr. Baker was tending to his Confederate patients. The Union found out about his operation and invaded his home, forcing him to barricade himself in a room upstairs. Although the room was closed off, the Union soldiers were able to shoot through the door and kill Dr. Baker. Shortly after his murder, Dr. Baker’s son returned home to find his father bloody and breathless. He vowed that day to avenge his fathers death and was successful, however, he was ambushed by a group of men and brutally murdered. Dr. Baker and his son haunt the jazz club because it is their true home. What’s eerie about this place is the constant paranormal activity-taking place. Soft whisperings in the night, objects flying off the shelves, lights turning on and off by themselves, and cold spots located throughout the club. The original door, bullet holes included, still remains in the club along with a picture taken that reveals a blurred figure standing in the window.






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