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    Tips On Staging Your Home

    Sellers pay attention because today we’re going to talk about some tips on how to stage your home! Now you might be wondering, what in the world does staging my home mean? Well, essentially, it is a method of decorating your home in a way that is designed to showcase the home’s best assets, impress buyers, and sell it quickly for the highest possible price. I mean those benefits alone should already have you sold on this method. Because not all sellers stage their homes, you’ll be at an advantage if you do. Although staging is optional, it really shouldn’t be. When you’re dealing with such a significant financial transaction, you don’t want to be lazy and settle for a lower selling price or a longer marketing period than you have to. Interested? Check out our list below of helpful tips and tricks for staging your home!

    1. Let the light shine in. You know who loves light and airy living rooms? Buyers, thats who. Open up those window shades! Paint the walls a light neutral color to intensify the effect, then pair it with lightly colored furniture. You’ll have a living room that brightens up your chances of sale!
    2. Stage rooms with one purpose so buyers will know what it is. An extra room filled with mismash can cause confusion to buyers on the room’s purpose. Luckily, you can fix this by transforming the space into a home office. It doesn’t have to be fully furnished, just staged in a way that will make buyers want to get down to business. Make sure to clear excess clutter and furniture from the room.
    3. Storage space sells! Let’s be honest, we all have unnecessary items stuffed into closets for storage. I mean that’s there purpose, right? When selling your home, however, it’s best to clear out the clutter and organize your shelves to show off exactly how much storage space you really have. I know this doesn’t sound like a fun task, but once those buyers see all that closet space, you will be moving soon.
    4. Create a nice flow in your rooms. Go with the flow is not just a saying, it’s a lifestyle. People are attracted to nice flowing rooms. You can create circulation by replacing square or rectangular dining tables with round ones. Cutting out corners allows buyers to maneuver around your house easily and thus creating flow. Cash flow, that is.
    5. Curb appeal is vital to attracting buyers. Having a for sale sign in your yard will attract people to drive by, but our goal is to stop traffic. First, with two tones of paint, add a faux finish to any corner keystones. Next, bring out the color of the walkway pavers using a stone sealer. Plant flowers in bloom, and you’ll have buyers swarming like bees to your front door.
    6. Grimy bathroom walls are a major red flag to buyers. Here is an easy way to get rid of surface mold: Mix a spray bottle with one part water and one part bleach. Just spray it on the wall, and watch the mold disappear. Give it a fresh coat of paint, and your grimy bathroom will go from red flag to red-hot.
    7. Avoid dated tile by painting. Bathrooms sell houses, but dated tile in a bathroom doesn’t. A low-cost alternative to replacing the tile is to use paint. First coat the tiles with a high-adhesion primer. Next, brush on a special ceramic epoxy covering. For a fraction of the cost of new tile, you will have an up-to-date bathroom that brings in big bucks.
    8. A master bedroom should appeal to both sexes. Get rid of features that seem too gender-specific. Paint the walls a neutral color, and choose bedding that matches. Then accessorize with items that complement the overall color scheme and wam bam you’ve got yourself a house ready to sell.

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